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Teaching assistant

Balle2320: Modern Technique for Ballet Majors

This course is designed for non-majors to provide structured learning and experience with group improvisation and dance composition. Fundamental concepts of dance composition and choreography are explored.

This seminar is designed to introduce graduate students to various theoretical and methodological orientations in research. The course examines theoretical orientations/methodological approaches to dance/art research, and evaluates scholarly writing and creative work.

​DANC 6310: Research design

Professor Eric Handman

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​DANC 4571/6350: Movement In Culture
DANC 4711/6360: Dance History

Professor Satu Hummasti

​DANC 143R: Modern DAnce technique and theory i

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​DANC 244R: Modern DAnce technique and theory iI

salt lake community college

Second level modern dance technique for Dance majors. Focuses on development of technical and performance skills in modern dance. Includes concepts of applied anatomy and kinesiology as well as Bartenieff Fundamentals. Emphasizes clarity of movement intent and interpretation in movement progressions.

University of utah

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A course designed for Department of Modern Dance majors and minors during their third year of study also meets the Upper Division Writing requirement for the University of Utah general education requirements. Movement in Culture through History explores dance through multiple lenses by looking at cultural dance forms, including dances of Native American tribes, Africa, South America, and the roots of ballet. This course also discusses Critical Race Theory, dance critique writing, and dance research. The Dance History course focuses on main choreographers in the modern, post-modern, and contemporary periods. 

Modern Dance composition for Sophomore Modern majors.

An introduction to basic ballet movement, technique, theory, history and terminology. 

This course is designed to introduce nonmajors to the fundamentals of modern dance technique. Students receive technical and creative instruction derived from modern dance forms.

Utah Valley University

danc1200: non-major beginning modern dance

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​DANC 1100: introduction to ballet


Professor Brent Schneider

danc1023: dance composition for non-majors

First level modern dance technique for Dance majors. Focuses on development of solid foundational skills in modern dance technique and theory that prepare the student for an intensive major program. Emphasizes the development of strength, flexibility, core support, coordination, kinesthetic awareness and memory, and movement expressiveness. Includes experience in improvisation and composition as a means of understanding and applying technical skills in performance settings.

This course is designed for Ballet majors to provide beginning technical training in Modern Dance technique and introduce the student to Modern Dance movement terminology. Students receive instruction in principles of alignment, placement and motion in Modern Dance. The course serves to add movement vocabulary and an introduction to modern dance to the Ballet major’s curriculum.