"Magazine St. #22"

"will the sheep come to be cleaned" 2018

Choreography: Dat Nguyen

Modern Ensemble

"Slow. Love. Blue" 2009

Choreography: Juan Carlos Claudio

Modern Ensemble

Alwin NIkolais Centennial Celebration 2011

New York, NY

Directed and Restaged by: Alberto del Saz

Performed "Water Studies" and "Temple"

Without a Fight

New Orleans, LA

"Dissection in Interconnection" 2016

Choreography: Dat Nguyen

Modern Trio


"Regalia" 2019

Choreography: Nancy Carter

Modern Ensemble

"Magazine St. #22" 2016

Choreography: Natalie Gotter

Modern Quartet

selected performance​

"lexicon" 2018

Choreography: Fiona Nelson

Modern Ensemble

"Small Hours" 2011

Choreography: Michaela Cannon

Modern Trio

    ​​​Natalie   Gotter

"Dark Side of the Rainbow" 2013

Choreography: Alexa Erck, Natalie Gotter, Monica Ordoñez

Featured soloist

​Evening length dance theater production

Avatar Movement Dance Company

"Goodbye, Melody" 2014

Choreography: Florian Alberge

Modern Ensemble

"Surrounded by Chaotic Quietude" 2015

Choreography: Jennifer Weber

Ballet Trio

"Photo books" 2019

Choreography: Jeffrey Gunshol

Modern Ensemble

Tsunami Dance Company

Independent Artist

"Waiting Room" 2013

Choreography: John Allen

Restaged by: Mary Glackmeyer

Modern Ensemble

"Goodbye, Melody"

Small Hours

"Without a Fight" 2013

Choreography: John Allen

Re-staged by: Natalie Gotter

Modern Trio

"Without a Fight" 2010

Choreography: John Allen

Modern Trio

Nominated for a "Best New Choreography" Big Easy Award

Newcomb Dance Company

"a.d. terra part ii" 2017

Choreography: Ashley Creek

Featured Dancer-Modern

"Spin--Snap--Swing" 2010

Choreography: Beverly Trask

Jazz Ensemble

"fractals: 2" 2018

Choreography: LMN Mov't

Modern Duet