Magazine St. #22

Presented: July 2016 Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival

Music: Max Richter, Michael Wall, Kronos Quartet, Terry Riley

Dancers: Meagan Bertelsen, Natalie Gotter, Severin Sargent-Catterton, Jennifer Weber

An evening length work featuring four female dancers reflecting on their individual experiences with gender based street harassment. 


fractals: 2

Presented: July 2018, November 2018

Music: Moomin, Neko Case, Chrome Sparks

Dancers: Meagan Bertelsen, Natalie Gotter

Exploring a number of themes, this work was created in a completely collaborative choreographic environment with all performers and technical elements being decided together with equal weight. Additionally, this work explores personal movement inhibitions that occur as a result of self perception of a social expectation. When two dancers inhabit a shared movement identity, how does the work develop and challenge them as individuals?

By Together, Sincerely

Presented: December 2016 Hayes-Christensen Theatre

Music: Nina Simone, Yann Tiersen, Michael Wall

Dancers: Meagan Bertelsen, Molly Cook, Roxanne Lebenzon, Celeste Reed, Emma Sargent, Severin Sargent-Catterton

This thesis research highlights the uniqueness and importance of relationships between female identified bodies as a means to access questions of worth, agency, and ownership of personal experiences and how the act of creating choreography facilitates these discoveries.

I Am Hers, She is Me, We Are Ours

Presented: December 2015 Hayes-Christensen Theater

Music: Kronos Quartet, Terry Riley

Dancers: Meagan Bertelsen, Molly Cook, Christine Glidden, Sobrina Serassio

A piece created for four female dancers exploring different types of relationships women have with each other and how these relationships continuously grow and change.

day one, or 21, or 28

Presented: April 2016 Marriott Center for Dance

Music: Frederic Chopin, Typhoon

Dancers: Molly Cook, Christine Glidden

A duet exploring how a close relationship between women facilitates questions of physical appearance and worth.

    ​​​Natalie   Gotter